Hyundai app security blunder allowed crooks to 'steal victims' cars'

25 Apr 2017 at 11:27pm
Remote locate, unlock, and start vehicles ? using a fixed encryption key... ouch

Hyundai has patched its Blue Link smartphone app to stop it blabbing private info that could, it is claimed, be used to break into and steal people's cars.?

Expedia IT bod gets all-expenses-paid trip to prison after hacking execs' ema...

25 Apr 2017 at 10:05pm
Blames pricey SF rent for $350,000 insider-trading scam

An ex-Expedia IT admin has been fined and jailed for 15 months after he spied on the emails of the travel giant's top brass to make insider trades.?

After blitzing FlexiSpy, hackers declare war on all stalkerware makers: 'We'r...

25 Apr 2017 at 9:04pm
App dev ransacked after gang used test/test login, it is claimed

A Brit biz selling surveillance tools that can be installed on phones to spy on spouses, kids, mates or employees has been comprehensively pwned by hackers ? who promise similar stalkerware peddlers are next.?

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PDF spam – a step ahead of image spam(GFI white paper)


Sicherheitsupdates für Foxit Reader und Foxit PhantomPDF

20 Apr 2017 at 10:00pm
Foxit Reader ist ein Viewer zum Anzeigen von PDF-Dateien und eine verbreitete Alternative zum Adobe Reader. PhantomPDF ist ein von der Foxit Corporation entwickelter PDF Editor. Foxit schließt mehrere Sicherheitslücken in den Produkten Foxit Reader und Foxit PhantomPDF der Version und ...

Sicherheitsupdate für den Google Chrome Browser

19 Apr 2017 at 10:00pm
Chrome ist ein kostenfreier Webbrowser des Google-Konzerns. Er ist für Windows (ab Windows XP), Mac OS X, Linux, Android und iOS verfügbar. Das Programm ist ein integraler Bestandteil des Google Chrome OS. Im Google Chrome Browser vor Version 58.0.3029.81 für Linux, Microsoft Windows sowie Mac OS...

Sicherheitsupdate für Mozilla Firefox

19 Apr 2017 at 10:00pm
Firefox ist der Open-Source Webbrowser der Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla schließt mehrere kritische Sicherheitslücken in Firefox, durch die ein Angreifer aus dem Internet das Programm zum Absturz bringen, Sicherheitsvorkehrungen umgehen, Informationen ausspähen, falsche Informationen darstellen, se...

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Hajime, the mysterious evolving botnet

by Jornt van der Wiel
25 Apr 2017 at 8:58am
Hajime (meaning ?beginning? in Japanese) is an IoT worm that was first mentioned on 16 October 2016 in a public report by RapidityNetworks. In this blogpost we outline some of the recent ?improvements? to Hajime, some techniques that haven?t been made public, and some statistics about infected Io...

XPan, I am your father

by Anton Ivanov
24 Apr 2017 at 8:55am
While we have previously written on the now infamous XPan ransomware family, some of it?s variants are still affecting users primarily located in Brazil. This sample is what could be considered as the ?father? of other XPan ransomware variants. A considerable amount of indicators within the sourc...

Exploits: how great is the threat?

by Kaspersky Lab
20 Apr 2017 at 8:57am
How serious, really, is the danger presented by exploits? The recent leak of an exploit toolset allegedly used by the infamous Equation Group suggests it?s time to revisit that question. Using our own telemetry data and intelligence reports as well as publicly available information, we?ve looked ...

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