America throws down gauntlet: Accept extra security checks or don't carry lap...

28 Jun 2017 at 11:40pm
Peeps flying into US face 'enhanced screening'

Folks flying into America must endure extra security checks if they want to bring their laptops into airplane cabins. In a press conference on Wednesday, US Homeland Security boss John Kelly announced the introduction of:?

Kaspersky Lab US staff grilled by Feds in nighttime swoop

28 Jun 2017 at 9:23pm
Also, update your Kaspersky Anti-Virus File Server ? before you get hacked

Several employees of Russian security vendor Kaspersky Lab got an unpleasant surprise on Tuesday night when FBI agents popped round to their residences for a chat.?

Virus (cough, cough, Petya) goes postal at FedEx, shares halted

28 Jun 2017 at 7:59pm
TNT Express systems blown up by, er, yeah, you get the idea

FedEx has suspended trading of its shares on the New York stock exchange after admitting that its subsidiary TNT Express has been hit by "an information system virus."?

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PDF spam – a step ahead of image spam(GFI white paper)


Microsoft schließt eine Sicherheitslücke in der Microsoft Malware Protection ...

25 Jun 2017 at 10:00pm
Die Malware Protection Engine ist die zentrale Komponente verschiedener Sicherheitsprodukte von Microsoft und wird für das Scannen, Erkennen und Entfernen von Viren und Spyware genutzt. Eine Sicherheitslücke in der Microsoft Malware Protection Engine, wie beispielsweise im Windows Defender in den...

Sicherheitsupdate für den Google Chrome Browser

15 Jun 2017 at 10:00pm
Chromium ist die Open-Source Variante des Google Chrome Browsers. Chromium ist für verschiedene Betriebssysteme, u.a. für BSD, Linux und Windows verfügbar. Chrome ist ein kostenfreier Webbrowser des Google-Konzerns. Er ist für Windows (ab Windows XP), Mac OS X, Linux, Android und iOS verfügbar. ...

Sicherheitsupdate für Mozilla Thunderbird

14 Jun 2017 at 10:00pm
Thunderbird ist der Open-Source E-Mail-Client der Mozilla Foundation. Mehrere Sicherheitslücken im Mozilla Thunderbird E-Mail-Client und in von diesem verwendeten Bibliotheken können von einem Angreifer aus dem Internet ausgenutzt werden, um Sicherheitsvorkehrungen zu umgehen, falsche Information...

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ExPetr/Petya/NotPetya is a Wiper, Not Ransomware

by Anton Ivanov
28 Jun 2017 at 6:51pm
After an analysis of the encryption routine of the malware used in the Petya/ExPetr attacks, we have confirmed that the threat actor cannot decrypt victims? disk, even if a payment was made. This supports the theory that this malware campaign was not designed as a ransomware attack for financial ...

Schroedinger?s Pet(ya)

by GReAT
27 Jun 2017 at 6:57pm
Earlier today (June 27th), we received reports about a new wave of ransomware attacks spreading around the world, primarily targeting businesses in Ukraine, Russia and Western Europe. Our investigation is ongoing and our findings are far from final at this time. Despite rampant public speculation...

Neutrino modification for POS-terminals

by Sergey Yunakovsky
27 Jun 2017 at 11:01am
From time to time authors of effective and long-lived Trojans and viruses create new modifications and forks of them, like any other software authors. One of the brightest examples amongst them is Zeus, which continues to spawn new modifications of itself each year.

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