America throws down gauntlet: Accept extra security checks or don't carry lap...

28 Jun 2017 at 11:40pm
Peeps flying into US face 'enhanced screening'

Folks flying into America must endure extra security checks if they want to bring their laptops into airplane cabins. In a press conference on Wednesday, US Homeland Security boss John Kelly announced the introduction of:?

Kaspersky Lab US staff grilled by Feds in nighttime swoop

28 Jun 2017 at 9:23pm
Also, update your Kaspersky Anti-Virus File Server ? before you get hacked

Several employees of Russian security vendor Kaspersky Lab got an unpleasant surprise on Tuesday night when FBI agents popped round to their residences for a chat.?

Virus (cough, cough, Petya) goes postal at FedEx, shares halted

28 Jun 2017 at 7:59pm
TNT Express systems blown up by, er, yeah, you get the idea

FedEx has suspended trading of its shares on the New York stock exchange after admitting that its subsidiary TNT Express has been hit by "an information system virus."?

123-reg resolves secure database access snafu

28 Jun 2017 at 1:07pm
Catches up with https everywhere memo

UK-based hosting and domains provider firm 123-reg has fixed an issue that meant access to some customers' databases ran over an unsecured link, creating a privacy risk in the process.?

Ride-snare: Lyft ruse helps cops cuff suspect in tech CEO murder case

28 Jun 2017 at 5:27am
'How would you rate your ride?'

A police officer in Fayette County, Georgia, has nabbed a murder suspect by appropriating the Lyft vehicle he figured the perp hoped to use as a getaway car.?

Everything you need to know about the Petya, er, NotPetya nasty trashing PCs ...

28 Jun 2017 at 3:19am
This isn't ransomware ? it's merry chaos

Analysis It is now increasingly clear that the global outbreak of a file-scrambling software nasty targeting Microsoft Windows PCs was designed not to line the pockets of criminals, but spread merry mayhem.?

See you in 2023 ? Bitcoin exchange bigwig gets 66 months in the slammer

27 Jun 2017 at 8:54pm
Murgio gets off easy in money laundering case

A kingpin of the ill-fated Bitcoin exchange was today handed a 66-month prison sentence for conspiracy, fraud, and money laundering.?

Pwned UK SME fined £60K for leaving itself vulnerable to hack attack

27 Jun 2017 at 3:25pm
Vid game biz failed to carry out pen-testing

A small UK company that suffered a cyber attack has been fined £60,000 by the Information Commissioner?s Office (ICO).?

50th anniversary of the ATM opens debate about mobile payments

27 Jun 2017 at 2:56pm
What's the future of cash?

Analysis Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Automated Teller Machine (ATM), the first of which was installed outside Barclays Bank, Enfield Town in north London.?

Huge ransomware outbreak spreads in Ukraine and beyond

27 Jun 2017 at 2:48pm
Petya or cattle?

Updated A huge ?ransomware? outbreak has hit major banks, utilities and telcos in Ukraine as well as victims in other countries.?

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