Hardened Azure, softened containers, force unlocking iOS 12, 11 iPhones ? and...

23 Jun 2018 at 8:12am
Plus: Our tip on keeping Mac files encrypted

Roundup This week you had to deal with AI security panic, fake Fortnite, and, if you use OpenBSD, the end of Intel HyperThread support?

Meet TLBleed: A crypto-key-leaking CPU attack that Intel reckons we shouldn't...

22 Jun 2018 at 10:44pm
How to extract 256-bit signing keys with 99.8% success

Intel has, for now, no plans to specifically address a side-channel vulnerability in its processors that can be potentially exploited by malware to extract encryption keys and other sensitive info from applications.?

Schneier warns of 'perfect storm': Tech is becoming autonomous, and security ...

22 Jun 2018 at 9:36am
Tel Aviv treated to Brucey's bonus views

Israel Cyber Week With insecure computers in charge, the healthcare and transportation sectors have become a nexus of security problems, infosec veteran Bruce Schneier warned delegates at Israel Cyber Week.?

Don't panic, but your baby monitor can be hacked into a spycam

22 Jun 2018 at 6:30am
Researchers confirm hardware vulnerable to remote attacks

Security researchers say they can back up a mother's claim that her baby monitor had been remotely hacked and used to spy on her family.?

MOS-SAD: Israeli govt weighs in on Facebook privacy, promises action

21 Jun 2018 at 8:02pm
Spymaster whines about smartphone privacy

Israel Cyber Week Facebook ? already kicked around the block by politicians in the US and Europe over privacy in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal ? has come under fire from Israel.?

Want to know what all that Fortnite hype is about? Whoa, Android fans ? mind ...

21 Jun 2018 at 7:37pm
Malware writers preying on the game-curious with fake apps

With online gaming hit Fornite set to make its debut on Android, malware writers are already playing on the game's hype to ensnare victims.?

WannaCry is back! (Psych. It's just phisher folk doing what they do)

21 Jun 2018 at 3:47pm
Spamming scum fire out phishing frighteners

An unusually large wave of phishing emails was spewed out this morning, with recipients warned that all their devices had been infected by WannaCry.?

Israel cyberczar drops hints about country's new security initiative

21 Jun 2018 at 9:46am
PM pops in to brag about industry wins

Israel Cyber Week Israel is planning to develop a "state-level cyber-shield" to improve its resilience against hacking and malware, the country's newly appointed cyberczar said on Wednesday.?

Please tighten your passwords and assume the brace position, says plane-track...

21 Jun 2018 at 7:30am
Data breach at Flightradar24 scored some email addresses and hashed passwords

Aviation professionals enthusiasts have been told to change their passwords after flight-tracking site flightradar24 warned of a data breach.?

Are your IoT gizmos, music boxes, smart home kit vulnerable to DNS rebinding ...

21 Jun 2018 at 12:11am
Fancy website, code emitted ? Roku, Google, etc stuff at risk

A technique for attacking computer networks, first disclosed more than a decade ago, has resurfaced as a way to manipulate Internet-of-Things gadgets, smart home equipment, and streaming entertainment gizmos.?

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